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Welcome to another episode of Super Podshots, today Kal El has a guest on the show. Xbox Gamer and Tic Podcast listener Therealsupersaijin4. They discuss the news that was debunked this week about Quantum Break being registered for PC. Reflect on Jonathan Blows pirated game The Witness & how it may effect future titles. Finishing up with some Anime talk on Goku & One Punch Man and if Goku has possibly met his match.

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On the latest OTRC we chat with Dan Rutkowski creator and producer of The Lost Pisces. A game whose story is based on the original writings of The Little Mermaid, not the Disney version and inspired by Shadow of the Colossus, Tower Defense and Half Life 2. Set in a future utopia where mankind is going extinct and Atlantis is falling apart. Through all this, you must help Pisces search for a soul as she interacts with you emotionally through kinect and is played using a controller. This Xbox One console exclusive should be available sometime in 2017.

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On this episode of SP, Tic podcast have moved up a notch as some cool things happened to us recently. Microsoft is on a Trademark spree and seem to have new ip's to announce and we are excited. The xbox One & windows 10 gaming will finally have it's own separate event, similar to the Playstation Experience in February. Finally finishing up with a small segment called Bring That Back, were I think of some cool games that should be brought back from the OG xbox and rebooted.

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We are back after a long break to refresh and be energized for the 2016 year. Today we discuss the news that AMD has created a 20NM chip designed for the Xbox One & PS4 which could lead to slim announcements this year. Scalebound & Recore's delay broke our hearts but we know it will lead to a better quality game, we discuss the possibilities. Finally we talk about Xbox One's successful Holiday season with all their exclusive selling over a million copies, including Rise of The Tomb Raider which we're told did a million plus.

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