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On this weeks episode Kal El talk's about TiC being blocked by Platinum Games dev Hideki Kamiya, Windows 10 having the ability to cloud stream games via html5, Phil Spencer at the china joy conference & how xbox needs japanese games.

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In the latest episode of Super Podshots Kal El chats about Microsoft hiring a new xbox designer & engineer. Wonders when will Xbox games get the recognition they deserve & how Konami have finally made changes to their code for Xbox One games to hit 1080p.

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Come and check out the latest from The TiC Podcast team as we discuss, psn vs live, hololens, sega and more.

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On this episode of On The Red Carpet, we chat with Derek Bradley ceo of Aurora44 an indie developer under the ID@Xbox program. Listen as he describes their newest game and what we can expect from this new independent coonsole exclusive.

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Podshots are to the point news and opinoniated podcast from your host on The Inner Circle KoR x Kal El. Where he does a podcast weekly, on the hottest xbox news or opinons on anything relevant to gaming, youtube, sports and life.

Will be release all content soon, expect a back catalog over the next couple of weeks.

Email: woodrulesdaworld@gmail.com
Twitter: @lenrulesdaworld
Xbox GT: KoR x Kal El
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